Liaison to the Indigenous Peoples for Belvaspata

Rain on the Earth was called by the Mother Goddess to be the Liaison for Indigenous SigilofLiaison-BluePeople to bring them the gift of the the sacred healing modality Belvaspata, initiating key people within the Indigenous communities worldwide. That through them their communities shall receive Her gift in honor of their contributions to Her and the Mother Earth.  Belvaspata means “healing of the heart” in the Mother’s language.

Belvaspata can be used for planetary healing by proxy as well as for people and animals.  It is this application of Belvaspata that interests Rain the most and is the most dear to her heart.

She supports the sacred White Buffalo and is supported by them in this task.  Rain sees the sacred White Buffalo as messengers sent directly from the White Buffalo Woman to her peoples as the heralds of peace between sNOWY AND MOTHERPeoples and Nations. We are looking for land to house our buffalo herd (presently 25 with 17 white buffalo).

The Lodge of the Liaison and her Council will be with the White Buffalo and she will greet the peoples, the nations and the clans when they gather.  The manifestation of peace between Peoples and nations, as Rain see is it, truly requires healing of heart.

Rain hosts and produces, White Buffalo Radio, for the White Bison Association home of the sacred White Buffalo herd.  You can subscribe to this blog to get the latest posts of the shows, Council Fires Ablaze via email (see the bottom of any page and click on Follow to subscribe).  Selections from shows which Rain on the Earth co hosted are available on this blog.

Rain on the Earth is available for Belvaspata presentations, initiations and workshops

Rain on the Earth

Rain on the Earth

through facilitation. Initiations will be gifted through the Office of the Liaison with certificates bearing the Sigil of the Liaison. Arrangement’s for Rain’s travel, lodging, meals and additional teaching materials would need to be covered by the sponsors of the gathering

You are welcome to attend one of our presentations or events. Sometimes Rain is working as a supporter, on Council or ceremony, some specifically for Belvaspata.  You have the opportunity to meet her there and to support this important work. Your blessings and contributions are welcome.

Free downloads of Integrations for Belvaspata Levels I, Levels II and Master Level in the indigenous understanding by Rain on the Earth.   Requirements for initiations into Belvaspata.



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