Voices from Standing Rock-Merwin, songwriter, musician, activist

January 4th on White Buffalo Radio 1:30 pm PST our guest is Merwin, songwriter, musician and activist sharing the powerful inspiration his friend brought back from Standing Rock that created the song, Hide about the powerful emotions that are faced there during this pivotal event. Feelings we all face and how we go through them. We explore together the events of today and what this means in our communities, our nation and the world and how we, each of us, can make a difference. Most importantly how do we create and cross bridges with those on the ‘other side’ so that we can unite, heal and work together to create the world we deeply desire in our hearts.

We send forth the call for the 50th anniversary celebration of the Summer of Love global Woodstock organizing steering committee which Merwin is willing to step forward to bring together.  Imagine what we can do together ‘Can you help me now’  ‘Can you help me now’ is a resonate call to the spirit within to reach out to bring us together.

Merwin facebook    merwin-bandcamp.com   click Contact MERWIN

The link to watch the video of Merwin’s song HIDE

White Buffalo Radio www.blogtalkradio.com/whitebuffalo-wba

White Bison Association  whitebisonassociation.org

Standing Rock:  Last Real Indians

Lakota Law Project

Sacred Stone Camp

Oceti Sakowin

Stand with Standing Rock

Music:  Intro: Arizona Spirit Outro: Prayer for Peace from Charles Button and Friends double album White Buffalo Bigger than Real

Hide from Merwin‘s album Hide

Lyrics to HIDE

Why do I fear
Everything inside?
Why do I
Just want to run and hide?
Can you help me
Can you help me now
I need someone
I just want to hide
Just want to hide
What am I supposed to do?
How will I ever make it through?
I am lost without you
Without you
I just want to hide
Just want to hide
I just want to hide
Just want to hide
I just want to hide
Just want to hide


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