Richie Onori – Visionary musician- Blues Messenger

Richie Onorie with White Buffalo

Richie Onori with White Buffalo

February 11 at 1:30 pm PST on White Buffalo Radio our guest is Richie Onori, drummer for Sweet, visionary musician and creator of the Rock Opera Prophecy, In the Name of Freedom.

Join us as Richie shares his personal journey filled with sacred symbols and experiences that come into manifestation and lead him on this incredible adventure of creation.

In the Name of Freedom is a totally original, unique and incomparable stage experience intended to shake up the status quo while at the same time taking the audience on a fun and exciting musical and visual experience. It is message for these pivotal times with solution driven social awareness themes. More than a show, its a movement!

Five minute sizzle reel

Video – Buffalo Nations- White Buffalo Prophecy – Tribute to Standing Rock featuring Amaday, Blues Messenger

White Buffalo Radio

White Bison Association

Standing Rock:  Last Real Indians

Lakota Law Project

Sacred Stone Camp

Oceti Sakowin

Stand with Standing Rock

Music:  Intro: Arizona Spirit Outro: Prayer for Peace from Charles Button and Friends double album White Buffalo Bigger than Real

Buffalo Nations from the rock opera prophecy In the Name of Freedom featuring Amaday, Blues Messenger

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