Voices from Standing Rock-Tribute to Nathan Standing Bear

Nathan Standing Bear

Nathan Standing Bear

February 18th on White Buffalo Radio, our guest is Nathan Standing Bear, singer, drummer and ceremony man. Nathan joins us late in the evening after his work in the heart of camp. Learn what the sacred White Buffalo means to him and how it interweaves with this pivotal event as he shares the wisdom and understandings of his journey at Standing Rock.

Nathan Standing Bear is going home. He has cancer and is presently in Bismark Hospital in North Dakota. He is not taking chemotheraphy but instead preparing for his journey Home.  You can go to his Facebook page to hear some of his wonderful songs.

Nathan Standing Bear  on Facebook

White Buffalo Radio is www.blogtalkradio.com/whitebuffalo-wba

White Bison Association: whitebisonassociation.org (501 c 3) where you can learn more about the sacred White Buffalo herd, our mission, events and teaching programs, buy a limited edition Hiawatha Big Medicine Blanket containing hair shed from our herd, purchase our 2017 Calendar, and donate to the support of this herd.

To contribute to programming hosting and production costs – (non- tax deductible) you can send funds via paypal: dancingastherain@gmail.com

To support Standing Rock go to lastrealindians.com  lakotalaw.org 

or Sacred Stone Camp

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