Sacred White Buffalo


White Buffalo are the fulfillment of prophecy of various Native American that the White Buffalo would appear in an era during a great time of planetary transformation.  As such they are the heralds of Peace between peoples and nations.  Rain on the Earth is deeply involved with the White Buffalo with Tonya Whitedeer and her husband, 3 Crows to bring into homeland for these sacred buffaloes and to manifest their prophecy.

Upcoming Events

River of Stars

Past Events

Sedona White Lion/White Bison Benefit- 12/8/12

Radio Shows interviews withCynthia Hart-Button, Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo and members of the White Lion/White Bison Alliance

Keepers of the sacred Bundles, Harriet Mahan, shaman of Peruvian tradition, Kari Noren-Hosel, Evoluionary Astrologer,Cynthia Hart-Button, caretaker of the sacred White Buffalo, Linda Tucker, caretaker of the sacred White Lions, Maurice Fernandez, Evolutionary Astrologer

Sacred Ceremony in Sedona

Night of the White Buffalo – Bend, OR – 6-22-12

Rain on the Earth, Annique of Gaia and Cynthia Hart-Button at the Night of the White Buffalo Benefit


Annique and Rain staffing the White Buffalo booth at the event.













Ceremonial – Hiawatha Big Medicine Blanket

This very special blanket with hair shed from the White Buffalo herd is made by Pendleton exclusively for the White Bison sanctuary  to provide for the needs of the herd  To order your blanket click here.


 The sacred White Buffalo herd family is looking for land to house our buffalo herd. 



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