Personal Sessions and Readings

Personal Sessions

Rain on the Earth has been in the forefront of transformational movements since the 1960′s. Her own personal challenges and transitions throughout her lifetime along with extensive training and practical application make her a powerful catalyst for successful life changes.

1 1/2 hour sessions are $144.

Belvaspata,Healing of the Heart – Belvaspata is a sacred modality brought through the seer, Almine, that heals with light and frequency. It is a gift from the creator Goddess accommodate the changing laws of physics that took place as all life ascended into a new creation in August 2006. The use of Belvaspata heals as the frequencies of the sacred sigils are drawn to where they are most needed with the assistance of Angels.  

AriVestaThe Hakulit – The Lumerian Art of Questioning – An in depth process using the Qi Vesta Card decks and mediative processes.  Qi Vesta means Breath of the Divine. Rain on the Earth is a Huna Qi Vesta, having achieved the highest level.

Considering that your question indicates the blind spot that created the situation to begin with that you are asking about- you will go through this incredible process that changes questions and the past to create new possibilities opening before you.

A frequent refrain of those who have experienced the Hakulit is “Mind blowing!”

Rain2011-480x855NLP – Nuero Lingistic Programming was developed through studying the components of excellence in human behavior and how this can be transferred to another person. Beginning with the fields of psychology and most successful practitioners, and branching into sports, teaching, and other fields. Tony Robbins made it famous for being able to enable thousands of people to master Fire Walking.

What can this do for you?  Go for it with Rain on the Earth, a Master in NLP, trained and certified by John Grinder and Associates, one of the founders of NLP.  

Individuatized in-depth processes can also offered tailored by Rain on the Earth to work with you on a longer term basis as you gain insights and understandings with practical tools to see you through your issue.  Costs vary depending on many factors which we will discuss in depth.  All sessions take personal commitment and response ability to follow through to get results.



Rain on the Earth

Rain on the Earth

Aura Readings – From the Gold, White and Crystal Light   Working with your unique Intimate, Infinite connection to the Divine, Rain on the Earth will read through your fields of experience and expression. You will be given tools to assist in clear old debris and patterns to create new ones as well as your gifts of guidance and the Presence of Blessings. 

Aura readings are 1 hour for $144.


Atlantean Angels Card Readings  –  3 Angels to assist RevealerofEndlessPossibilitiesyou in creating a new reality  The Atlantean Angels, share their frequencies to activate your DNA with their songs, the Pathway to Transmutation   

Atlantean Angels readings are $40


DivinityQuestDivinity Quest Cards –  The Eskaragots –.
The 65 sigils, eskaragots, each have their own angel. They contain the power of combined tone and light Readings can provide g
uidance on potentialities and/or provides guidance for your response to the situation for highest outcome  This is truly an alchemical process of a Standing Waveform sending ripples through Creation in activation.

Divinity Quest 5 card reading $40  10 card reading $80

The effects are exponential!



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