The Ancient Wisdom of the 12 Days of Christmas

The Ancient Wisdom of the 12 Days of Christmas: The Hidden Teachings Behind the Song by Rain on the Earth, 2nd edition.

backcover-smThe 12 Days of Christmas is an ancient goal setting ceremony performed annually to consecrate one’s purpose for the year.

This  ceremony is especially useful to attune to your life’s purpose to bring it into clarity for you with the cosmic changes .

Ancient creation codes are preserved for the generations, hidden in plain sight within this well known, mysterious Christmas carol. Predating Christianity by time beyond telling, the the keys to unlock the ceremony in the Song where entrusted to a gatekeeper, bearer of the Ceremony until it’s time to once again be released to humanity. This care was passed on the Rain on the Earth, by her teacher Mello Rye, a Cherokee/Irish medicine woman more in 1976.

This is the perfect gift for special occasions. And for new beginnings on every dimension. A great adjunct to work with rejuvenation, work with your Gaia body, clarification of your life’s purpose, and attunement to cosmic changes – great with our classes, personal sessions  and Belvaspata.

To order Paperback click on the image – Kindle click on the link

 for $18.78 or Kindle Version

In 2008 the 13th gate was opened and its verse added to the Christmas Ceremony. The updated version is called “13 Angels Singing” is available presently only in ebook format. You can order it for $9.99 or if you have purchased my original book in paperback or kindle, contact me for your free upgrade.


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