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Your powerful journey into Alchemy of the Angels* begins here.  This is alchemy of the highest order as given by the Angels, uncovering missing pieces of pure angelic magic protected until this time.

Alchemy is a transmutational tool that allows us to leverage outcome to a much higher level than what can be accomplished through linear math. Alchemy is exponential math. During transmutation something of a lower frequency is changed into another substance of a higher frequency, much like the alchemist changing lead to gold. For instance, challenge can be transmuted to insight.

Holy Waters 6 week classes – Basics of alchemy with key components and understandings,

Sisterhood 300x225

Light Elixir of the Sisterhood for Planetary Water Rites for the healing of our Earth’s waters and water systems created for and gifted to the Sisterhood by the seer, Almine

the Ceremony of the One Light, and the Ceremony for Creating Holy Waters –

This class was put together by request for the Sisterhood for Planetary Water Rites

Whole course: Course will be delivered weekly via email $90.

By week: Course will be delivered one week at a time at your own pace in sequence. When you purchase this option, you will receive your next link to pay for the next lesson in sequence within the email of your current lesson, so that you may access it and pay for the next segment of material when you are ready to proceed. There is an additional charge of $5 per week for the course for the additional bookkeeping required. $20/per week.

Coming soon.

Holy Oils

Holy Essences

#1 footnote – This course draws from Almine’s Science of Alchemy T* Mandate from Almine giving Rain on the Earth permission to teach her material.


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