Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic

Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic is a unique alchemical herbal formula by Carl Jurak, 18 biodirectional herbs as defined by Dr Daniel Mowry,PhD.  Biodirectional herbs work to balance whether there is a deficiency or excess.  They are actually rare in nature and only herbs which have this function are truly tonics for the body.

Before Dr. Mowrey was introduced to JC Tonic®, in his book he listed the 10 properties that an herbal whole body tonic must contain. When he was introduced to the product in 1998, he was astounded that the product met all these requirements:

1. Restore and maintain homeostasis or balance to body systems.
2. Substantially increase production of energy through normal metabolic means.
3. Increase resistance to infectious disease by enhancing the immune system.
4. Decrease stress and anxiety, and increase ability to perform as well as to rest and sleep.
5. Guard against excessive free radical damage by supplying antioxidant activity.
6.Increase the body’s ability to build new muscle tissue and to lose weight by burning more calories.
7. Regulate digestive processes and prevent indigestion, ulcers, colitis, heartburn and related ailments.
8. Provide substances that strengthen the heart, reduce cholesterol, normalize blood pressure and prevent undue clotting.
9. Help keep the liver and related organs and glands in good health.
10. Help keep bowel movements regular and smooth.

Carl Jurak with his son, Anthony Carl Jurak

The 18 herbs in Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic (affectionately known as JC Tonic)are all biodirectional and address every system in the body. Carl’s formula goes beyond the simple combination of these herbs into pure alchemy brought forth in a miraculous vision. It brought forward by his son, Anthony Carl Jurak, owner of Jurak Worldwide.  For 70 years people have had outstanding results.  Learn more here.

To order your JC Tonic go my website rain.jurak.com

Money back guarantee.

Radio shows with Anthony Carl Jurak

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