Classes, Workshops, Courses and Intensives

RainBeloved2011Classes   The powerful Desi Yoga and Sacred Arasatma Breathes.  Yogas can be experienced on a drop in basis.  Arasatama Breathes are in a sequential series, that requires doing each set for a specific number of times before progressing to the next level.

Workshops  Friday evening- Sunday  Small groups in depth studies. Personal and planetary alignments.  Break Throughs.

Email Courses  Delivered right to your inbox- Pure White Magic and Alchemy of the Angels. You can take these classes one at a time at your own pace or have them delivered weekly.

Intensives – Immersive Full week events. Learn. Live. Apply. Let it become you. Take it home!

Facilitation – Be part of creating the sacred magical space and event working directly with Rain on the Earth.  For trade and credit!

Apprenticeships – In action and alchemy every day with Rain on the Earth.