The Devi Yoga System – The yogas of Illumination

These are ancient parent of later forms of bodily yogas and yogaworks with the alchemy of sound.  These yogas use easily mastered postures paired with music from Cosmic Source created specifically for each brought forth though the seer, Almine.   Rain on the Earth is a Certified Teacher of the Devi Yoga System.

All yogas are $7 a session and can be attended on a drop in basis.  Please dress appropriately and read our guidelines for yoga before attending.

  • Shrihat Satva –For Clearing the Karma of Past Cycles -The yoga postures are designed to open and remove the debris from the gates of dreaming which hold the debris of reincarnations. This will occur physically through the postures and the music. Dissolving debris also occurs by way of dreaming (triggered by the breathing and eye movements), releasing past issues that caused the blockages in the points. And the Poetry of Dreaming which communicates through omissions – that which is not said – imparting multiple depths of meaning revealing themselves as feelings and qualities.
  • Irash Satva – Yoga of Abundance -This yoga, kept by the Angelic Kingdom since the dawn of existence, is called in the angelic language “Michpa uresvi minavech”, or ‘The source of the rivers of life.’ The 144 cardinal gates in the mind and body are opened and cleansed of their dross and debris, allowing you to tap into the abundance of the One Life.
  • Saradesi Satva – Yoga of Eternal Youth  This yoga uses alternating movement and stillness. The movement expresses, the stillness listens. The movements are slow and deliberate like those found in the more feminine styles of martial arts. This type of movement can best be described as ‘stillness within movement’.This yoga removes linear
    time—the primary cause of aging and decay. In removing the opposites of movement and stillness by balancing them, we cancel them. out to reveal a state of eternal rejuvenation
  • Aranash Suba – Yoga of Enlightenment This yoga strengthens the Eternal Song of the Infinite within. It reaches where mind cannot go. The yoga practitioner learns to dance with the contradiction of the unanswerable, until eventually he steps off the treadmill of duality. He or she dances with the contradiction by examining the question from all possible angles without deducing any meaning, nor arriving at any conclusion. It is simply observed. Eventually, the practitioner becomes the contradiction by approaching it from deep core awareness and meditation, until the question itself disappears in the face of an unformulated knowing

The Sacred Breaths of Arasatma – The Alchemical Breathing Techniques of the Ancients 

PranicTubeArasatma was used by ancient mystics to activate the unused portion of the pranic tube for fuller self-expression and inner peace. A fully cleared and active pranic tube is the gateway to a magical life. These breathing techniques aid in the restoration of the subtle, etheric functions of the body and senses, allowing you to access other dimensions and prolongs an eternal life of graceful unfolding.

“There have been prophecies given that in ‘The Time of Gathering’, the Seven Breaths of Eternal Life shall again be known among men. Then shall the magic of life be restored.” – Almine

Arasatma is $10 a session. Level One can be attended on a drop in basis. Since Arasatama Breathes are done in a sequential series, other levels have requirements for attendance and are open solely to those who have completed them.

  • Arasatma Level I – Opening the Channels of Prana  –Level 1 is practiced at least 5 times before going to level 2
  • Arasatma Level II – Activating Self-regeneration of Resources – Level 2 is practiced at least 5 times before going to level 3.
  • Arasatma Level III – Evolving the DNA into Higher Expression – Level 3 is practiced at least 3 times before going to Nevi-Satma.
  • Nevi-Satma – The Twelve Breaths of Proxy – (requires completion of Arasatma Level III

Planetary Healing Event-Friday April 18, 2014 11 am PST Worldwide Event Purifying the emotions and as a proxy the waters of the Earth  

The purpose of Nevi-Satma, the Twelve Breaths of Proxy, is to cleanse our body from radiation, thereby also cleansing the waters of the Earth by proxy. This has become very necessary, due to the high level of radio-active toxicity in our waters, caused by multiple accidents affecting nuclear power plants.

Sigil for the purification of the waters of the Earth 

  • Ma-atma Suhat Level I – The Breaths of Higher Consciousness
  • Ma-atma Suhat Level II – The Breaths of Timeless Regeneration



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