Ready to work directly with Rain on the Earth as a facilitator for her workshops, classes, Rain2011-480x855intensives and events!  Facilitators receive their class, workshop, intensive or event free as well credit for attendance at a class, workshop, intensive or event of equal value. Facilitating a 5 Day Intensive would mean that you would attend that intensive in trade and as well as receive credit to be used to another 5 Day Intensive for free.

Requirements:  Your responsibilities will include advertising and promotion and networking, renting the place where it will be held, transportation and lodging for Rain on the Earth if required, meeting the numbers of attendees to make it economically feasible to be held, any materials such as food for refreshments and if included meals, some class materials.  Either accepting payments in the form of checks or directing interested people to Rain’s options. Payments will need to be complete before the start attendance. Needs vary depending on the class, workshop, intensive or event being held. Expenses will be taken out of the class

To welcome attendee, care for any situations which may arise for Rain and participants before and during.  Follow up with attendees is a plus all involved.

There are also standards that Rain upholds for presentation of her and this sacred material as well as respect for her and others in attendance.  This is important so that all may benefit without distractions.




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