Immerse yourself in sacred space with Rain on the Earth and a small group as we dedicate ourselves with intention and attention to go through to the next level of perception. My teaching method is a continuum. In the classroom we will be working on many levels both cognitive and non-cognitive continuing putting these principles and experiences in actions throughout every aspect of our day- meals, work, play, and sleep- permeating all we do.

This is alchemy in action. The application of Divine principles activating the capacities and abilities within you, within your DNA to awaken your true heritage.  This is a dynamic womb of creativity and participation, a catalyst to ignite you to bring forth the best within you to bring it forth into your world. To bring it forth for the world.

Womens Retreat white-black 180 x256Five Day Women’s Intensive – Awakening and empowering the true feminine. We will be working on the cognitive and non cognitive levels including Dream poetry and the Gates of Dreaming.  Art and Alchemy.  And Silence of Mind.  Includes the powerful sacred 24 Chakra Meditation for manifestation.




Art of Dreaming  – A circle of dreams and dreamers is a powerful cauldron of creation coe-240x180and recreation. Bring your journals and favorite creative expression in portable form for those important moments of liquid inspiration captured on camera, canvas, or other thread of the divine tapestry. Included the Gates of Dreaming, Shrihat Satva yoga and the Poetry of Dreaming.  And the most advanced use of the dream brought forth by the seer, Almine.



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