Rain on the Earth


Concourse of the Ancient Ones in full flight
Dropping presence to eager hands
Unwrapping their own gifts
As they land –
Rain on the Earth

Rain on the Earth is a Priestess of the Sun in Mother’s Garden (Indigo and turquoise rays)

RainBeloved2011an ancient global order dedicated as a bridge and Wayshower between all peoples, cultures and creation. It is the “path of no path, the path of all paths”, seeing the Creator in all things, through events and in all ways.

Rain is the bearer of the ancient Celtic Christmas ceremony, “13 Angels Singing” (commonly known as the 12 Days of Christmas) which was passed to her in 1976, from her teacher, Mello Rye, a Cherokee/Irish medicine women.

Rain has been in the forefront of transformational movements since the 1960’s. Her own personal challenges and transitions throughout her lifetime along with extensive training and practical application this field, including a Master’s in NLP, make her a powerful catalyst for successful life changes.

Rain is the Liaison for Indigenous People to gift the initiation of the sacred healing modality, Belvaspata, “Healing of the Heart” given directly from the Creator Mother through Almine to accommodate the changing laws of our cosmos. Rain on the Earth is most excited about the aspect of planetary healing through Belvaspata occurring in concert with personal healing as a proxy for the planet.

Rain can be heard weekly hosting Medicine Talk -all shows are archived and can be downloaded



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